Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

The famous Gyro sandwich is made of a combination of lamb and beef cook on a vertical broiler. Then it is shaved as it slowly cooked. Served on pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and tsatsiki sauce.

Our Polish foods are a delightful welcome to the festivals. It's a refreshing change in menu items. This platter has contributed so much to our ethic menu.

Chicken on a stick over a bed of rice is one of most popular items that we serve. Enough to share its a big hit! Grilled not fried this marinated chicken is placed on a stick and cooked over our charcoal grill. Served over a bed of rice makes this a winner.

Our newest dessert and entree is the crepe. A delicious very thin crepe make with each order and filled with chocolate or bavariancream and raspberries, or strawberries. For lunch spinach and cheese, or ham and turkey with cheese. It's truly a meal.

Our chocolate covered cheesecake is to die for. New York Cheesecake placed on a stick dipped in our own recipe of chocolate. With a strawberry on top! Although we do many desserts, our number one seller is our chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. We put five to seven strawberries on a skewer and dip them in our special chocolate and leave the rest to you!